11 Practical Ways to Promote Your Product/Service

Published: 10th June 2006
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1. You should build trust which is the foundation of selling.

2. Maintain your focus - do not waste time, energy or money trying to promote multiple programs.

3. Use business cards with web address and contact information.

4. Do not act as a PhD in your program - let the website, promotion movie or info call do the talking.

5. When contacting prospects, less is better - do not overwhelm your prospects.

6. Ask questions of your prospects - the power is with the questionner, not the information giver.

7. Look at business opportunity ads in your local newspapers/ magazines and ring up the advertiser
offering your product/program.

8. Use the "invite" system on your program's website to invite friends, family and business colleagues to
join your program.

9. Make an initial personal contact with your prospect by phone - it will pay off in the end.

10. Write articles about your product/service and submit to ezines and article directories.

11. Start your own blog on the topic of your product or service. Get a free blog plus hosting with Google: http://www.blogger.com

Edmund Krzeminski
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